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Design & Illustration

Packaging Design.

Editorial Design.

Corporate Design.

Instructions and directions.

This can include such diverse designs concepts such as signage, instructions for product use, icon creation and illustration to support text in books. The main goal with all of these designs is to get the user to associate and connect with the directions as easily and naturally as possible whilst creating impact and following a style.

Design for publishing.

Wether it is for print or digital media, good editorial design leads your customer/user around the document in a way that prescribes how they see the information. You lead them through the text and image telling the story you want whilst keeping intrest and highlighting the most important factors.

T: 07816 419 097 • E: contact@tonysigley.com

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Communication Design.

Developing packaging for products.

Packaging design includes all of the rules and regulations related to the selling and dispaly of those products. This will include restricted type sizes, icons and barcodes. Making the image and text fit the required space in a creative and eye catching way. Keeping continuity with previous products and brand guides.


I can offer design across multiple disciplines. As part of a package of branding, advertising, promotion and packaging to indidual icons or editorial illustrations. I shall show samples of these below but get in touch for more specific examples. 

I also have links to other leaders in associated fields including photographers, copyrighters, events management etc.

The exercise of creating brands and logos.

If it's the creation of a mark for a blue chip company to the development of a brand identity for a startup business, the process is the same. Client led idea development and design with constant feedback and a focus on end use.